Gift of Life
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  ​​​​​​Organ Donation. The Gift of Life.  

The Video + News.
Our amazing family of Nashoba Chiefs came together to make this amazing video which caught the attention of CBS and FOX news!
Coach John
John Snoonian is a husband, a dad, a coach, and a friend to all. He is a scientist by trade, and enjoys relaxing with friends, and watching  the Patriots,  He is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant.
How You Can Help
If you are Type O, you can be considered for a direct donation to John! Everything is covered by John's health insurance. ​Please dDownload the Donor Health History Form by clicking the link below and email to the UMass Transplant Clinic.
The Gift of Life.
Living Kidney Donation is truly giving the Gift of Life.
John is in need of a life-saving kidney. Please consider living donation.
We will forever love you!
Donor Health History Form
  1. Kidney Transplants
    * Over 3,000 new patients are added to the kidney waiting list each month. * 13 people die each day while waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant. * Every 14 minutes, someone is added to the kidney transplant list. * visit to learn more.
  2. How can you help?
    Consider being a direct kidney donor for John, and spread the word about The Gift of Life through of organ donation. Visit to learn more about donation. Call the UMass Transplant Clinic for more information about direct donation for John.. 508-334-1269 option 4.
  3. Be a living donor!
    If you are Type O blood, you can be considered for a direct donation to John! Download the Donor Health History Form by clicking the link below. It can be filled out electronically at your privacy and convenience, and emailed back to the UMass Transplant Clinic. Thank you for considering the Gift of Life!
  4. Why donate?
    It's easy. It's covered by John's health insurance, and you have the joy of knowing that you truly gave the Gift of Life.
Donor Health History Form


John Snoonian
A dad.
A husband.
A friend.

In the fall of 2016, John's kidneys started to decline, and by late winter, both of his kidneys failed.

John was accepted into the Organ Transplant Program at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. But time is not on our side.

There are more than 100,000 people currently waiting for a kidney donation. The average wait time for a transplant is 6-8 years, which is far too long for John. 

Our best hope is to actively pursue two options for John … finding either a direct donor or a paired match.

Spreading the word about living organ donation is essential in helping John as well as 2,519 other people in Massachusetts alone waiting for this life saving gift. 

To learn more about becoming a direct donor to John, or for information about the organ donation program, please call the UMass Memorial Medical Center Organ Donation Team at 508-334-1269, option 4, and mention that you’d like more information on being a direct donor to John Snoonian, or visit .

John Snoonian, with his wife, Susan Unger, and their four children, Dante, Charlotte, Vince and Else.

Steps to becoming a donor.
  1. Download the Donor History Form and email directly to the UMass Transplant Clinic. Call the UMass Transplant Clinic at (508) 334-1269, option 4. Mention that you'd like more information on being a direct donor for John Snoonian. Type O candidates can be considered for a direct donation. They'll mail you a cheek swab kit to determine tissue matching! Very cool.
    1. Make the call.
  2. You'll meet with UMass doctors, nurses and staff to learn all about being a direct kidney donor. They'll do a thorough medical evaluation, including an EKG, cardiac stress test, blood work, abdominal scans. It's pretty neat to see your gall bladder and bile ducts, too! And its all covered under John's health insurance.
    Meet with very nice people.
    2. Evaluations
  3. If it's determined that you are medically fit for organ donation, they will walk you through the procedure and give you plenty of time to think about it. If it's a "YES", the surgery is scheduled at yours and John's convenience. It's minimally invasive, comes with great hospital food, and you can forever say you truly gave the Gift of Life.
    3. Decisions
Are you type O?

Click to download the Donor Health History Form.
The Gift of Life.
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